Been Spending All Its Life Living in a Goosey Paradise

Geese are not necessarily nice birds.  They’re big, loud, can be aggressive, and have creepy teeth-like serrated ridges running around their beaks.  Sure, they’re picturesque, and not too hard to deal with when you understand their temperament, but a mean or aggressive one can be tough to handle.  A mischievous one, however, can be a lot of fun to play as.  “Untitled Goose Game” may be a little short on a name at the moment but the video shows the developer is putting its effort into the places that matter most, and that’s figuring out ways to be a down-covered jerk to people by stealing their stuff.  The goose starts off its day with a checklist of things it hopes to accomplish (little known fact- geese never leave the house without a day planner) and then relentlessly pursues its goals of manipulating the poor groundskeeper into wearing a dumb hat, soaking him in the sprinkler, stealing food for a picnic, etc.  The odds of not ending up roasted as the centerpiece for a holiday feast seem like they get lower with every action, but it didn’t choose the goose life, the goose life chose it.