Witness a Sentinel’s Skill in New Extinction Trailer

Iron Galaxy showed-off the impressive skills of a Sentinel today in Extinction’s newest gameplay trailer. Herein we’re introduced to Avil, one of the last Sentinels of humanity and perhaps the only one who can overcome the existential threat known as the Ravenii. Avil’s fighting style is all about quick traversal, lighting-fast slashes and cleverly baiting his opponents into giving him the perfect opportunity to strike. It’s a style that makes him utterly deadly to the smaller mobs of enemies and is also the only reason he’s able to take on the towering giants at all. Have a look at the full trailer below to see just what Avil can do.

Those interested in seeing more should check out the E3 gameplay demo. For everyone else, Extinction will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC in Q1 2018.