Cross-Network Play Announced For Third-Person Shooter Crazy Justice

While the recent news of the Fig campaign for The Good Life failing to reach its funding goal is saddening, those who want to support other promising games through the platform do have another title to check out right now, Black Riddles Studios’ third-person shooter Crazy Justice. Set in a cel-shaded world of highly destructible environments where you battle steampunk armies by crafting your defenses and building custom skill decks for your character either by yourself or with a friend, it looks like a promising game indeed. And with the latest update announcing cross-network play, you’ll be able to team up with your your friends to blow some machines away across a variety of platforms.

As seen in the quick video below, cross-network play for Crazy Justice will be supported on PC, Switch, and Xbox One (Sony still refusing to pay ball in this area, sadly). If the crowdfunding campaign succeeds, the game should be due out in Q2 2018 (with an Early Access version first), and with seventy-nine percent of its $30,000 goal reached so far with over five days to go (as of the time of writing), it looks like that may indeed be a possibility. To learn more about Crazy Justice, you can check out its Fig campaign here.