Screenshot Saturday Featuring Eagle Island, From Light, Lucah, Many More

Often imitated but never duplicated, it’s time again for the latest Screenshot Saturday feature! Showcasing a crop of indie games highlighting certain parts of their works in progress by using the titular #screenshotsaturday hashtag, it’s an enjoyable way to help spread the word on promising titles that may fly under the radar at times. And a special thanks this weekend to the Kingdom Hearts Union Cross mobile game, which instead used the hashtag to encourage players to share their avatars, which totally didn’t clutter up that radar and provide a hassle when it came to combing through tweets to find games. But enough about that, on with the show!

Lucah- An action RPG about finding oneself, Lucah has a heavy emphasis on a style almost similar to that of a negative photograph, placing emphasis on blackness and a nightmarish world filled with blood, religious imagery, and overall creepiness. But hey, it isn’t so nightmarish that you can’t stop and enjoy the view created by its eye-catching graphics at times, as seen here.

From Light- Using photography-inspired mechanics to create platforms from trails of light naturally made by the player character, Lumen, you make your way around darkened areas filled with various Route 66-esque designs in order to locate your missing pen pal in a stylish puzzle platformer. And since you play as a being brimming with energy, naturally this results in some moments where you screw around with your surroundings.

MeaSphere- Currently available via Early Access, MegaSphere is a 2D hi-bit action platformer where you have to discover why stars in the Solar System are suddenly going dark. How does shooting at giant heads help you figure this out, you may ask? It possibly doesn’t help, but you still can’t say it doesn’t look awesome in action.

Eagle Island- A procedurally generated platformer with falconry-based gameplay where Quill and his owl, Koji, explore the titular island. Of course, much like Monster Island, the name may be a bit non-indicative, since this bit here suggests less eagles and more giant scorpions that shoot fire from their stingers. But as the tweet mentions, they’re still no match for superior owl combat.

Die for Valhalla!- A hack-and-slash/beat-’em-up game with RPG elements, you play as a Norse Valkyrie on a quest that has you battling monsters from the Lovecraftian mythos – because why not – and other foes such as the undead, as seen here. And yeah, don’t be afraid to call in the cavalry with a classic horn blow to teach the otherworldly a lesson.

Pode- A cop-op 3D puzzle game about a little rock trying to help a fallen star find its way home. And if that doesn’t already sound like a charming fairy tale as is, let’s give one of the characters the ability to grow dazzling flowers out of crystals. We may have quite a few co-op puzzlers, but this one may stand a shot at out-charming the rest.

Relic Hunters Legend- An online top-down co-op shoot-and-loot game, currently in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign over on Kickstarter. The game itself looks quite as impressive as well and had another tweet this weekend of gameplay in action, but there was just no resisting this incredible animation straight out of a classic Saturday morning cartoon.

Dandara- A unique metroidvania game inspired by the Brazilian legend where our title character battles oppression while maneuvering around areas by bending gravity. And as you can see when it gets to the later areas, mixing in combat and movement via flipping gravity makes for some pretty intense enemy encounters. Indeed, it would be wise to hone your reflexes before playing.

Hamsterdam – A mobile game where you tap and swipe in time in order to help a hamster perform martial arts beatdowns on other rodent ruffians, sometimes with improvised weaponry, as seen here. But let’s face it, the only thing that matters here is that this is a game called Hamsterdam, and the person not intrigued by a game called Hamsterdam is a person with no soul.

Voodoo- If the recent remaster of Voodoo Vince did nothing else, it at least suggested that we’d like more games where we get to play as a voodoo doll. And evidently it was right, as now we have Voodoo, a hand-drawn graphic adventure where you navigate an abandoned sewing factory, occasionally taking out your frustrations on any scenery blocking your path.

Beacon- Battle you way through an alien planet in order to find and activate a rescue signal while splicing yourself with new abilities after each death in a top-down roguelike adventure. And in between some pretty intense combat encounters, make sure to enjoy the little things like being propelled through the air. Your character may be wearing a mask, but you know there’s a giant smile underneath it.

Desert Child- An RPG about hoverbike racing in a post-apocalyptic Earth where your only friend is some instant noodles and your goal is to make as much cash as you can through various means, accompanied by some beautiful pixel art and animation. And we get the feeling that this latest bit from the game just miiiiight be hinting at a Kickstarter campaign for it soon.

Felix the Reaper- Reap souls and woo the ladies in this stylish puzzler, traveling through a variety of locales along the way. And if they look even as half as good as this one chunk of ice that makes up part of a level, then we’re definitely in for a stunner. Besides, how can you not love that dance?

Make Sail- It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that a game all about building your own raft and sailing it across vast oceans is going to place some emphasis on weather effects. It is kind of a surprise to see them in action and note that they’re damn gorgeous, though. A-plus lighting indeed.

Witch It- Just in time for Halloween, the Prop Hunt-esque multiplayer hide-and-seek game currently in Early Access where a team of witches disguise themselves as various bits of scenery to avoid a team of hunters is getting a new map. And it looks like it will indeed be rather spooky, but still quite colorful as well.

Shots Fired- Considering that this is a sniping game about an assassin turned photojournalist pulled back into the game for revenge when their wife and kid are murdered and they’re pushed too far, it might be wise not to tick the characters in it off in certain ways. Looking at you, Warner Bros. Interactive.