Tackle the Serenity of the Wilderness in Lonely Mountains Kickstarter Trailer

Mountains are amazing things.  Whether it’s part of the old Appalachians, the giant craggy Rockies, the Alps, Himalayas, Carpathians, Andes, or whatever part of the planet they’re found in, a mountain is practically a world unto itself.  The gentle foothills give way to more rugged terrain as the trees cling precariously to steep rises and eventually sheer cliff faces, and it only takes a bit of rain to turn the easiest trail into a small, temporary stream with deeply treacherous footing.  As you make your way continually upwards the earth gives way to bare rock, worn clean by millenia of exposure to the harsh weather.  A mountain is a majestic chunk of constantly changing landscape, and what better way to show it who’s boss than by tearing down its ridges on two bouncy tires held together by aluminum tubes?

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a mountain biking game that sets you at the top of a low-poly mountain and leaves you to finding the best way down.  “Best” is a relative term, though.  If you want to race down for the quickest time, the game will keep track of that.  If you want to go exploring to see what the mountain has to offer then there’s wildlife wandering about and the wind blowing through the trees, plus hidden paths leading to secrets and shortcuts.  Mountains are huge, and there’s plenty of room for any type of play style.  Race in a time trial, hone your  skills in Challenge mode, or try to survive the run from peak to valley with a single life.  Or you could just have fun finding the most creative way to wipe out on the way down.  Mountains don’t judge.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill launched on Kickstarter today and is already over 25% of the way to its goal.  Check out the trailer below to see the low-poly nature-thrasing action in motion, or head over to the Kickstarter page for more details and a little support.