Alchemy Puzzler Opus Magnum Enters Early Access

So if you’ve ever played the likes of SpaceChem or Infinifactory, you should know how addictive one of developer Zachtronics’ puzzle games can be. So we hope you’re ready to get addicted all over again, as Zach is back with Opus Magnum, a game based around alchemy with the goal of mastering the transmutation engine in order to craft various valuable items. While the devs were tempted to skip Early Access, the game is now available for those to check out and help provide feedback for future improvements. But even as is, it looks like they may have yet another winner on their hands.

In terms of mechanics, you can definitely see the similarities to SpaceChem as you input the commands necessary to create your own automated machine which, as the trailer below suggests, can come across as quite beautiful when its running. You’ll even be able to export GIFs of your designs so you can show them off, and make and share puzzles using the Steam Workshop. You can grab Opus Magnum on Steam right now, but if you choose to wait, don’t worry, as the developers have assured the price will remain the same. It does indeed look like another polished time-consumer, so make sure to check it out.