Craft Shindigs To Die For in Party Hard Tycoon, Available Now

A party-crafting simulator set in the Party Hard universe still sounds a bit odd, as you’re essentially crafting future murder venues for the various psychopaths in the main games. But hey, if your guests are going to get offed by knife-wielding lunatics, wouldn’t you prefer that they at least die knowing that they’ve had the best time of their lives? Well, now you can deliver them that time with Party Hard Tycoon, now available on Steam from tinyBuild and developers Pinokl Games.

As the launch trailer below shows, you’ll be managing your parties in various ways, from placement of decorations and sound systems to chatting with the clients and utilizing new themes you unlock, all accompanied by the stellar, neon-filled visuals and designs the first game was known for. So if you want to see if you have what it takes to make various partygoers as satisfied as possible before they get a knife in the back, then it’s definitely recommended that you check out Party Hard Tycoon.