Screenshot Saturday Featuring Desert Child, Black Future 88, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is what happens when as many developers as possible take a moment from the week to post a little of what they’ve been working on.  Despite what may have been reported elsewhere, the ability for anyone with a bit of skill and determination (and a computer) to create new games is an incredible thing, in the same way that anyone with a pencil can draw or write.  Like any creative outlet the result is a mixed bag at best, but when so many people can design so many things the sheer volume of Amazing can be a little overhwhelming, as anyone with a backlog of unplayed games can attest.  The endless cascade of images and videos every Saturday on Twitter contains a huge amount of talent working as hard as possible to build things that make other people happy, and this feature pulls about a dozen or so entries from there to show off a handful of the most entertaining ones of the day.  As always, still images are in the minority despite the Screenshot in the title, so don’t forget to give everything a chance to move.

Exo One-  A lost tester of alien technology is trying to make his way back to Earth after the inevitable happened and the unknown ship he was piloting rolled right straight to warp drive and landed on a strange planet. The craft can roll along the ground gaining speed, then launch from hills and flatten out mid-air to soar through the clouds, and even use them to skim through the sky.

Manifold Garden-  Exploration puzzle game where the walls are the floor, the floor is the ceiling, and everything is architecture.  In recent months the development has shifted from puzzle design to polish, and these shots show off the more intricate scenery, shiny glowy bits, and even an effect that has a bit of chaos in its nature to add contrast to the unrelenting structure of the environment.

Desert Child-  You’ve got a couple of days to get from Earth to Mars, no money to speak of, and a bit of skill with a hoverbike.  Race your way to a hefty payday on the way to the Solar Championship, but if that doesn’t turn up the cash fast enough there are side jobs just waiting for someone who doesn’t mind getting their hands a little dirty in the process.  Everything costs money, but there’s plenty of ways to earn it if you can get your hustle on.  If you head over to the Kickstarter there’s even a demo to check out.

Eternal Winter-  Run a scientific expedition on a remote and frigid island, living the cold life on the far edge of civilization.  You’ll need to collect data, take care of your team of four dogs, and explore the island while surviving the winter storms.  Nature is neither friend nor enemy, but rather an overwhelming force that doesn’t care that you exist, and that means you’re as likely to get buried in a blizzard as you are to get a lovely sunset as a reward for a good day’s work.

Sausage Sports Club- Multiplayer minigames where everyone gets a floppy-friendly animal to play as, competing to be the best at whatever insanity may occur. Sometimes this means you’re a corgi with a killer pompadour rampaging through Tokyo, proving once again that there’s no concept so silly that it can’t be made awesome by the power of videogames.

Reginald Does His Thang- Infinite-lives platformer where your corpses are important both to act as platforms across areas that used to be dangerous before getting covered in a pile of bodies, plus acting as a tasty food source so Reginald can use his vomit powers. The look on the shopkeeper’s face is the only appropriate response.

Dummy Life- A test dummy has a difficult life, what with it being disposable and all, but a hacking test dummy has an edge in that it can use other devices to take the damage for it. That doesn’t make space less dangerous, as illustrated by this planet that really belongs in the classic Far Side strip “How nature says Do Not Touch. Two-level demo over here.

Blazing Legion- Fly, shoot, destroy! There’s probably more to this game but those details seem superfluous. The sooner Blazing Legion gets a proper HD trailer, demo, or release the better.

Black Future ‘88- Climb a tower to kill the owner in the bleak cyberpunk future of 1988. The roguelike tower regenerates itself on every attempt, and the different characters all come with their own unique strengths to hold off death just a little bit longer. It’s brutal neon synthpunk in there, and now it’s smoky too.

Shattered Realms- Brawler/fighter hybrid, which sounds somewhat redundant but makes sense in context. The move-set is designed to have the depth of a Guilty Gear-type fighter, but it’s got levels with a good amount of enemies to pummel like a brawler. Check out the (old) demo over on to get a better sense of it in action.

Radio the Universe-  Action/adventure set in a ruined world where a woman in a yellow hooded cape blasts the mechanical beasties that have overrun the place.  It’s been over three and a half years since the Kickstarter ended and despite the long gestation period the game looks better, more detailed, and more interesting with each new update that trickles out.

Unnamed- A superhero protects the city, although sometimes things don’t go according to plan. For example, the force of his telekinetic powers might be a little tricky to tune, resulting in him becoming a slightly buggy debris-hedgehog. There are several shots of his powers working properly on the Twitter feed that are well worth heading over for and just as destructive.

Virtual Space Port- Build a space port in VR while it hovers in front of you, fully functional as you expand it out towards the level goal. The attacking spaceships aren’t making life easier, so you need to divide attention between defense, scavenging, creation, and just looking around at how cool your little functioning habitat has become.

Secret Car Game-  Just a prototype for now, but a super-colorful neon one with a dense landscape to drive through and super-drifty car handling.  At this stage it’s not so much a game as a platform to build a game from, but it’s a really solid platform with a lot of potential.  If you’re sneaky and know how to find things you can track down the demo, or just follow the handy link here to grab it off

Bonus Images-

Unnamed- Oh Internet, never change!  No wait, that other thing.  The opposite of that.

Unnamed- Shiny! Sometimes that’s more than enough.