Attack on Titan 2 Releasing in March

Koei Tecmo have confirmed that Attack on Titan 2 will be releasing this coming March. Having narrowed the release window down somewhat, the company — during a recent live-stream — also showcased some of the sequel’s new features with players now having the ability to make their own custom scout whom can then engage with the series’ characters in a new mode dubbed Town Life.

In Town Life, players can build relationships — discovering more about individual characters through separate back-stories and conversations — as well as train in-between major battles that together with optional challenges and side objectives, can increase your character’s strengths and abilities. The sequel also boasts three times the number of playable characters this time round with a roster featuring 30 characters, compared to the original’s roster of just 10.

Attack on Titan 2 will be available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC. You can catch up on the live-stream in the video below.