Fantasy Action-FPS Amid Evil Revealed in First Trailer

One of the great Doom-alikes from the 90s was the semi-forgotten FPS Heretic.  While the first sequel, Hexen, may have been more popular, and Heretic II went second person and looked amazing for those with the muscle to put its Quake II engine through a 3DFX card, neither game felt properly like Heretic.  Amid Evil was revealed today in preparation for its PAX Australia debut, and it wants to be the proper sequel Heretic never quite received.  A magic-wielding hero races through giant non-linear levels toasting, zapping, hacking, and shredding any monster dumb enough to get in his way.  As it turns out, there’s rather a lot of monsters that think they’ve got what it takes to stand up against a determined protagonist armed to the teeth with a brutally enchanted arsenal that’s also heavy on the pyrotechnics.  The game is pure 90s FPS, and that extends to an art style that’s more than happy to play with Unreal-powered lighting effects on low-poly, low-res texture enemies.  Check out the trailer below to see the first peek at Amid Evil, and get ready for serious creature-smiting action.