Numantia Launches With Trailer

Historically influenced turn-based strategy game Numantia is headed out now, along with a launch trailer taking it to live action. Based on the Numantine War, Numantia’s single-player puts players through virtual, playable reenactments of historical events from 153 B.C. to 133 B.C., spanning a twenty-year conflict. The battles work as thirty-on-thirty battles, pitted between the Romans and the Celtiberian tribe of Numantia. The game’s two campaigns put players in control of Carus of Segeda, his son Rhetogenes, or Ambo in Numantia. Players can alternatively defeat the Peninsula with General Scipio or the newcomer soldier Asellius.

See the launch trailer for Numantia below. Numantia is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.