SKT Debut New Jerseys, Beat RNG Earning a Spot in Third Straight Grand Finals

It was a long night that went the distance and SK Telecom T1 managed to beat Royal Never Give Up in a Bo5, debut their new jersey along the way.

It’s been a rough road for SKT this Worlds despite just taking a glance at their W/L record. They’ve struggled mightily in the early game but managed to play incredibly well against RNG. To subvert their issues throughout group stage and their series against Misfits SKT started Blank in the jungle over Peanut.

The changed helped them secure game 2 and they possibly could have won the first if not for an ineffective Blitzcrank pick for Wolf. After going down 2-1 Kk0ma subbed in Peanut and SKT won back to back games to secure their spot in the Worlds 2017 Grand Finals.

The new jerseys they showed were pretty nice. All black with the wings of their logo outside the T1 and they complete it with the three stars atop symbolizing their three championships. If you missed them more images should show up online later or you can catch them in the VOD link below.

It’s a great series to watch and you can recap on everything here.