It’s an All Korean Affair as SKT T1 and Samsung Galaxy have a Grand Finals Rematch

For the first time in League of Legends history, we’re going to have a rematch in the Grand Finals as SK Telecom T1 meet up with Samsung Galaxy.

Last Worlds Samsung Galaxy almost completed the unfathomable. They came back on SKT in the Grand Finals 2-2 and it looked like Faker’s run of dominance had to come to an end. Crown, Samsung’s mid laner, played amazingly and was leading his team to what could have been the best ending to their historic run, but then the Unkillable Demon King had enough and SKT completed their destiny and won their second straight title.

That is likely the best Grand Finals we’ve seen in League of Legends and lucky us we get a rematch with a more than mortal looking SKT. It’s been said over and over again but it hasn’t stopped them yet, SKT isn’t looking incredibly dominant like before.

This is a Grand Final between two teams who are amazing at making adjustments during their matches and will surely be a repeat of last year’s greatness. SK Telecom T1 will take on Samsung Galaxy for the Summoner’s Cup on November 4 at 2 a.m. CDT. You can watch it here.