Night In The Woods: Weird Autumn Announced

Get ready to head back to Possum Springs, or visit for the first time, with news from Finji, the developer behind Night in the Woods of Night in the Woods: Weird Autumn edition announcement, it even comes with a trailer!

To rip right from the words of Finji “Night In The Woods: Weird Autumn is an expanded edition of the original. Featuring a whole bunch of new content, think of it as the Night In The Woods director’s cut.”

As a bonus PC and Xbox owners of the game will get Longest Night and Lost Constellation (two supplement games) on the release date of Weird Autumn, PS4 owners can expect this additional content in January 2018.

The best news is that Night In The Woods: Weird Autumn will be a free patch for all owners of Night in the Woods, if not already an owner, get that wallet ready on December 13 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.