Paris Games Week: Interactive Live Action Drama Erica Unveiled

FMV’s have made a small but notable return as of late and it looks like Sony, with their host of cinematic first-party titles already, are about to jump into the realm of live-action drama with a new title unveiled today during Paris Games Week. Erica is a drama created by Flavourworks and Sony London Studio in which the titular protagonist is contacted by an old family friend who seeks her help in solving a murder case that may have ties to a past traumatic event in her life.

However the tale takes an unexpected turn when it turns out the killer in said case is also trying to contact Erica for reasons unknown. It’s here where the player makes their way through a series of decision-based events wherein even the most minute of physical actions can alter the gameplay. So far all we have to go on as to how the game will look is the announcement trailer below, though it’s unclear how this will feed into the actual controls and gameplay itself remains unknown. Sony have thus far provided no release date or information outside of the fact that Erica will be coming to PS4 with PlayLink integration.