Paris Games Week: New God of War Footage Debuts

Sony and their Santa Monica Studios have released brand new footage for God of War.

It was inevitable that Sony would show off some more God of War footage at their Paris Games Week showcase. The fourth main entry in the God of War franchise, God of War is taking the franchise out of the confines of Greek Mythology, and into Norse Mythology. The latest trailer gives us a taste of some of Kratos’ new abilities, and enemies he’ll be facing.

The trailer introduces us to the Soul Eater, a hulking brute that enjoys devouring souls. Though our Spartan hero never engaged in combat with it, we did get to see him unleash some flashy slashes capable of hitting multiple enemies, a ground pound, and a brutal throw. It also appears that Kratos will be able to interact with the environment more than he previously could. The trailer ends with Kratos and Arteus hearing some mysterious signing.

God of War is out early 2018 on PS4. Expect to see more from the title at PlayStation Experience 2018 this December.