Party Planet Officially Gone Gold, GameStop-Exclusive Bonus Revealed

Developer Mastiff today announced that the upcoming Party Planet has officially gone gold.

Going gold means that Party Planet is “on schedule” to meet its release date of December 12 on Nintendo Switch.

Mastiff has revealed that it will include a free sticker sheet in the retail version of Party Planet, though it will be an exclusive bonus to GameStop in the U.S.

According to Mastiff, Party Planet will also launch on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch owners to download.

“Be on the lookout for a new Party Planet trailer and official website to be unveiled in the coming weeks,” Mastiff said.

Party Planet features 30 games that are unlocked by players that progress through Mastiff’s title. It supports both single-player and co-op functionality, with up to four Party Planet users able to play the game together.

Last month, Mastiff announced that it planned to release Party Planet on the Nintendo Switch.

Check out the official box art for Party Planet below.

Party Planet