EA, DICE Alter Loot Crates in Star Wars Battlefront II Following Backlash

EA and DICE have made alterations to Star Wars Battlefront II’s Loot Crate system following intense backlash.

What should have been a moment of triumph for EA and DICE turned into a nightmare. The Star Wars Battlefront II beta was supposed to show fans that the developer had listened to complaints lodged against the 2015 original. Instead, the studio and publisher got wrapped up in controversy about the game’s microtransactions. EA and DICE were accused of tearing out all progression and making the game pay-to-win. Star Cards, which offer gameplay changing bonuses, could only be earned through Loot Crates, and they can be purchased with real world money.

EA and DICE have finally revealed some changes they’re making to the system. While the changes will unlikely remove the stigma that Star Wars Battlefront II is pay-to-win, it certainly is a step in the right direction:

  • Epic Star Cards have been removed from crates – Epic Star Cards can only be earned through crafting. However, all other Star Card rarities can be found in Loot Crates
  • You’ll have to rank up to craft upgraded Star CardsĀ – You can’t just buy crates, get crafting materials, and power-up Star Cards right away. You’ll need to rank up to craft higher tier Star Cards, though DICE didn’t mention what rank you’ll need to be
  • The majority of weapons are locked behind milestones – Players will have to play as specific classes in order to unlock new weapons. However, a few weapons will remain locked in Loot Crates
  • Class-specific gear and items are unlocked through class-specific Loot Crates – Playing and leveling up your favorite class will grant you class-specific Loot Crates to unlock gear for that class

This is all a huge improvement over what we saw in the beta. However, it is unlikely to stamp out the thought that Star Wars Battlefront II is pay-to-win. Sure, Epic Star Cards have been removed from Crates, but you can still get stat-boosting Star Cards from Loot Crates. We’ll just have to wait and see how everything pans out in the final product.

Star Wars Battlefront II is out November 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.