‘Found Phone’ Horror Game Simulacra Arrives on PC, Mobile

A “found phone” horror title from developer Kaigan Games has been released for PC and mobile devices.

Described as a “voyeuristic experience,” Kaigan Games’ Simulacra combines experiences from point-and-click adventure titles, found footage videos and different phone apps.

Simulacra has players finding a phone that belonged to a young woman called Anna, which has a video of her crying for help.

Anna’s friends don’t know what has happened to her, leaving players to sift through the contents of her phone to discover clues that reveal her fate.

According to Kaigan Games, Simulacra features a branching narrative that consists of over five hours of gameplay and has five possible endings for players to unlock.

The Malaysian-based developer says that the “best experience” of playing Simulacra is on mobile devices.

Simulacra is a spiritual sequel to Kaigan Games’ previous found phone horror title, Sara Is Missing.

Priced at $4.99, Simulacra is available for download on Steam and iOS and Android devices.