Far from Noise Gets Launch Trailer

The protagonist of Far from Noise finds herself in a predicament: she’s stuck in her car, teetering back and forth on a cliff. No good means of escape, not without risk. So, instead, a conversation. Definitely the more contemplative sort of indie title, Far from Noise is a quiet dialogue choice-driven narrative from George Batchelor (Hot Date). It’s about discovering the circumstances of that unfortunate cliff-side situation, as well as how it ends up laying the groundwork for discovering one’s place in the world by interacting with nature. Sort of a fair amount to take in, despite the simple setting. There’s also something in here about talking with a deer, so Far from Noise may serve as a nice time for people to sit down and reflect, along with the character in the game.

See a PS4 “launch” trailer below. Far from Noise is slated as “coming soon” right now for Steam and now PlayStation 4.