Even More Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon News Set to Come Next Week

Today, we received a pretty hefty amount of information on the upcoming Pokémon titles. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are going to be filled with bad guys and legends from the past! But, the news isn’t over as more is on the way next week.

There is currently no word on what else will be coming. But announcements are scheduled to take place on November 10 at 14:00 JST which is 5:00 UTC, 12:00 AM EST. The time and date were posted on the official Japanese Pokémon website. It is shown alongside a couple of Legends such as Lugia and Ho-oh but it seems unlikely they will continue coverage on them.

We shall see what is in store for Pokémaniacs in just one week. Stay tuned for all the latest here on Hardcore Gamer!