Elgato Officially Unveil 4K60 Pro

With 4K gaming becoming increasingly present in the industry — be it from developers/publishers themselves or those looking to broadcast in the highest possible fidelity — Elgato Gaming have today officially announced the latest in their line of capture cards, the 4K60 Pro. As its names suggests, it’ll allow users to capture footage in 4K at 60FPS and will be compatible with both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, as well as (of course) PCs.

However, it comes at a cost…and we’re not just referring to its RRP either. In order to use the 4K60 Pro, your PC must have the following minimum specs: an Intel Core i7 CPU (i7-6XXX series) or an AMD Ryzen 7 (or better); a GTX 10XX / AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics card (or better), a PCIe x4/x8/x16 slot, as well as your machine running Windows 10 as its operating system. Elgato will begin shipping of the new card November 21 — for those interested, it will set you back nearly $400 (or £360 in the UK).