Fig Campaign Underway For Obelus, a Twin-Stick Sci-Fi Adventure

There have been many great retro twin-stick shooters in 2017 alone, pretty much all the major ones being top-down. But what about twin-stick 2D side-scrolling games? And what about ones with a heavy emphasis on narrative? And ones where you pilot a giant mech? And ones where the main character is an interplanetary insurance salesman? Well, combine all of that, and you have Obelus, a new action game from developers Springloaded, currently seeking funding via Fig.

The campaign trailer seen below paints a bit of a bleak picture (in contrast to the more chipper pixelated artwork), as our hero Dave travels through desolate lands to find the last uninsured bits of humanity, battling giant monsters along the way with only the mech’s AI as a friend, beaten down by the large corporation he works for. The story, told with a branching narrative, looks to explore the themes of AI and big data and their implications in our world, while still providing some solid action. It looks impressive indeed, so you can check out more on Obelus over at its Fig campaign page, and hopefully it meets its modest $50,000 goal in the end.