Overwatch World Cup Semifinal is Set

After a long day of Overwatch action, the top 8 are down to 4 and the semifinal stage is set.

If you missed the matches today you’ll definitely want to catch the VODS later as every match was filled with great play. Below are the results of today’s matches:

  • United Kingdom vs. Sweden (0-3)
  • Canada vs Australia (3-2)
  • China vs France (1-3)
  • South Korea vs USA (3-1)

USA and South Korea was easily the best match to watch and though the line says 3-1 USA fared far better than you may think. If you missed it USA took an early lead, lost the second map, but the two team drew on the third. It went to all five maps and the draw counted as a win for both teams. If there’s one match you watch let it be that one. Below are the matchups for tomorrow:

  • Sweden vs Canada
  • France vs South Korea

Matches are set to start at 10 a.m. PDT and the tournament will finish tomorrow. Both semifinal matches will take place, followed by the third place match and it’ll all be finished up with the Overwatch World Cup Grand Final. You can catch all the action here.