Samsung Galaxy Sweep SKT T1 to Win Worlds 2017

Samsung Galaxy has done the impossible and beaten SKT Telecom T1 to take home the 2017 Summoner’s Cup.

Last year Samsung had a chance to beat SKT T1 and earn their first championship. They fought back after going down two games and force a fifth, but came up short as every team has against Faker and SKT T1. This time Samsung came back experienced and hungry for revenge and swept SKT T1.

As it’s been stated over and over again it’s been a shaky Worlds for SKT T1, but they hadn’t lost a Bo5 series since the LCK Grand Finals of Summer. They managed to come back from huge deficits¬†all tournament long, but they never managed to dominate like they used to.

Samsung is comprised of a group of players that have never won anything. They haven’t won an international tournament or even seen domestic success. To seal their Worlds victory Ruler flashed in on Varus and ulted the flashless Unkillable Demon King himself to cement Samsung’s win.