Screenshot Saturday Featuring Uurnog Uurnlimited, Distraint 2, Many More

Yes, it’s time for Screenshot Saturday again, that magical time where we go thought a day’s worth of tweets from developers (alongside clutter that happens to use the same hashtag), all of whom are showcasing their current projects and how they’re progressing and pick out some of the highlights to proudly display for all to enjoy! So without further ado…

Wizard of Legend- Let’s face it, we’ve all one day hoped of backing a Kickstarter campaign for a video game with one of the higher tiers, the ones that allow you to directly contribute something to the game’s development. Luckily for this roguelike dungeon crawler, one of the people who donated a good chunk of change for one of said tiers also knows how to make an amazing spell. Magnetic field redistributing enemy projectiles? Good stuff indeed.

Uurnog Uurnlimited- Okay, how to describe this one…it’s a semi-puzzle platformer that plays a bit like Super Mario Bros. 2 where the goal is to capture all of the animals and bring them back to your save room, which permanently saves everything in the room (including mistakes), and the cube-like creature you can pick up grant different abilities…yeah, you’re just going to have to see this one in action. It is definitely interesting, to say the least.

Battle Princess Madelyn- Given that this is basically a love letter to Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, one of the biggest games of 1989 and platformers from the era in general, it only makes sense to throw in another tribute to a classic games from that year, pogoing across reapers on the way to rescue your family. Scrooge would indeed be proud.

Mulaka- Based on the indigenous culture of the Tarahumara, play as a shaman in a low-poly action-adventure game as you combat the foulness currently infesting the land. Of course, even a superhuman shaman needs some assistance in keeping their people safe, hence why certain areas have some friendly guards stationed to keep enemies out.

All Walls Must Fall- Currently available on Steam via Early Access, observe Berlin during the year 2089 in a universe where the Cold War never ended (again) via an isometric tactics game. And by “tactics,” we mean “do all the things in order to cause sheer chaos,” if this sped-up bit of gameplay is any indication.

Röki- A dark modern fairy tale/adventure game hybrid about a girl named Tove on a journey to save their family, braving the likes of ferocious monsters among the way. For this particular moment, though, there are no monsters, just some particularly gorgeous landscapes in what is no doubt the calm before the storm.

Blasphemous- A hi-bit 2D action-platformer with a twisted theme of religion that casts you as The Penitent One, the last survivor of their congregation that has now devoted themselves to fighting the land’s evil. the simple screenshot here doesn’t do the more insane bits justice, but it is indeed nice to see parts of the non-linear level design and visuals as things progress.

Tower 57- Due out next week, this top-down dieselpunk action game gives you a quick peek at the evolution from simple sketches to hi-bit graphics, courtesy of a level with an emphasis on mad science, complete with explosions and tentacle monsters. That it is indeed some gorgeous foliage, even if everything alongside it is trying to kill you.

Albert+Zoe- Not sure if the ambience here is all that spooky, but it sure is visually stunning (and yes, Hyper Light Drifter was mentioned by the developers as an inspiration). But more interesting here is the concept of a narrative rhythm game telling the story of two magicians that fall in love in a fantasy world. So between the unique setup there and the eye-catching style, this may be one to look out for.

Shooty Fruity- A first-person VR game where…well, let’s be honest here, the title kind of tells you everything you need to know. There is more to the gameplay, of course, but it’s just more entertaining to present you all with this image of a gun being pointed at an evil, sentient orange, completely devoid of context.

Jenny LeClue- Speaking of images presented without context, enjoy a character being introduced by popping out of a giant coffee cup with googly eyes. As this is a point-and-click mystery, it does seem a bit appropriate to try and deduce just what the heck led to this scenario in the first place, in between trying to solve the mystery of Jenny’s mom being framed for murder.

Distraint 2- A sequel to 2015’s acclaimed psychological horror game, we see if our lead character Price can’t restore their hope after selling away their humanity in the events of the previous chapter. And judging by this short bit, it’s a journey that will involve some eerie lighting and conversation with big-headed, eccentric folks, again making for a possible unique treat.

Deep Rock Galactic- Play as a team of dwarves mining for precious materials on different planets while dealing with hostile wildlife, using tools such as scanners, gatling guns, and…explosive charges shaped like the Destructoid robot?? Well, it look damn fun indeed. (Note to self: Begin working on potential mascots so we can see about getting in on a piece of this action as well…)

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption- Battle giant incarnations of the seven deadly sins in a Dark Souls-inspired action game where you get weaker with each victory. But hey, these guys may be sin incarnate, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of fun, as the impromptu dance session here clearly shows.