Free Content Update for Fire Emblem Warriors Coming Next Week

There’s a lot of fun hack and slash fun to be had in Fire Emblem Warriors and even more on the way in just under a week. The first free update for the game not only includes new content to be played, but a little quality of life fix as well. Starting November 14, players will be able to download the update that adds a brand new history map featuring the main twins Rowan and Lianna as well as getting brand new costumes. Players will be able to unlock a new weapon attribute called Armor Strike which helps get through armored enemies, and a variety of new blessings will be available. Finally, the update will add the ability to sell multiple weapons at once so the characters won’t have to sell each individual tome or bow any longer.

The Fire Emblem Warriors update will be available starting November 14, and if you haven’t looked into the game already, be sure to check out the review we did on it right here.