Gear.Club Unlimited Trailer Puts Game Through Its Paces

Racing fans may just have one more reason to look forward to Gear.Club Unlimited. Microïds has already shown-off Gear.Club Unlimited a bit in their past trailers, but their newest preview offered something a little different by putting the game through its paces on an actual Switch in tabletop mode. This new gameplay video showcased one of the game’s solo race modes, the performance shop and even its splitscreen multiplayer mode. Those eager to see it all for themselves need look no farther than the trailer below.

For those who’d like a refresher, the following is a full list of features announced thus far:

  • More than 30 vehicles from 16 official manufacturers
  • Over 430 races and 200 tracks
  • Two race modes: Derby and Time Trial
  • Two types of tracks: Asphalt and Rally
  • The performance shop: a personalized garage where players can customize and improve their vehicles.
  • A Split-screen Multiplayer mode that supports up to four players

Gear.Club Unlimited will be available for the Nintendo Switch both physically and digitally in Europe on December 1. For North America, it will be available digitally with a limited physical release at GameStop on November 21.