IO Interactive Confirms They are Working on New Hitman

With the release of Hitman: Game of the Year Edition, IO Interactive has confirmed that they are working on the next Hitman game, but they aren’t quite ready to start talking about it.

In their blog post IO Interactive thanks fans from the bottom of their heart for sticking with the series, and welcoming new fans into a fantastic game from 2016. Hitman GOTY Edition comes with a massive overhaul bringing visual and mechanical improvements across the board.  It also comes with new unique items, weapons and mission Patient Zero.

As for what’s next? IO Interactive says they’re making great progress with exciting new features and franchise firsts, they can’t wait to tell us. There’s no exact date on when in 2018, but rest easy, news on the next Hitman will be announced at some point in the new year, hopefully sooner rather than later.