Nex Machina and La Mulana on Friday from Limited Run Games

It’s been fairly quiet on the Limited Run Games front since the craziness of the period from summer through early fall, and a single October weekend was the only hint of life in that month.  Things are about to return to normal this Friday, though, with the release of two top-tier games that would improve any collection they land in. Nex Machina is Housemarque’s penultimate twin-stick shooter before they move away from arcade games, and La Mulana a brutally difficult free-roaming platformer-adventure that’s been kicking around for years on various platforms and been excellent on each one.  Both games get a regular and collector’s edition, and as usual the difference in print run is just this side of negligible when compared to the standard-sized runs of a retail release.  Nex Machina gets 4,500 copies regular and 3,000 collector’s, both for PS4, while La Mulana clocks in at 3,000 copies regular and 2,500 collector’s both for Vita.

Also on the way is Crawl for PS4, currently scheduled to get the day all to itself on 11/17, but plans are subject to change without notice so don’t be too surprised if it gets a little company.  Crawl just gets the one version, 3,800 copies total.  As for the rest of the year, Ghost Blade is in December and the second try at The Good Life on Kickstarter will have a Limited Run Games version as a reward tier, but it’s pretty likely there are more announcements waiting to happen.  There are only eight Fridays left in the year and one of them is spoken for by Nex Machina/La Mulana, so in order to budget properly for the holiday season we should be hearing things soon.