Strap Into a Low-Poly Wingsuit With Superflight Launch Trailer

A wingsuit doesn’t actually allow flight.  Sure, you can manipulate the air to soar through the skies, but you’re only going downward so it’s more like a fancy version of falling rather than flight.  SuperFancyFalling doesn’t have the same ring as Superflight, though, so it will  have to do.  Superflight is one of those games that wants to do one specific thing and focuses exclusively on doing it very well.  You’ve got a wing suit, there are intricate cliffs riddled with caves, and you earn points by flying near walls.  The open skies don’t contain a hint of danger, and the game won’t fault you if you just want to get a bit of air, but the thrills come from skimming past a sheer cliff face, bombing through a cave and using the speed to gain a bit of height to make the exit, then curving along the wall to keep the combo going as the score just keeps rising.  Hit a wall and you’ve got a zero-second wait to get back in the sky, ready for a new run and another shot at a high score.  Each area is procedurally generated, and when you’re done with it you can head towards the pulsing pink cubes that indicate an exit and the game rolls up another new landscape to explore.  It’s the kind of compulsively playable game you can dip into for a few minutes or an hour and come away satisfied, and it wastes no time getting you straight to the action.

Check out the launch trailer below to see things in action, although be aware it’s more an “explanation of the game” video than a “Hot Superflight Action!” trailer.  Superflight released on Steam today and seems to be doing very well for itself if the user reviews it’s racked up in a single afternoon are any indication.