Syberia 3 Gets Steep Discount While Syberia is Free via GOG

Syberia 3: The Complete Journey has launched on GOG with a hefty discount at $14.99 until November 13. However, until November 11, you can download the first Syberia game absolutely free of charge. GOG is also allowing you to connect the first and second Syberia games to your Steam account via GOG Connect Рadding yet another game to your no-doubt extensive library already. Syberia includes a soundtrack, manual, and artwork in its download Рalthough strangely, Syberia 2 gets no  discount amid all of this. So you could in theory get Syberia 1 for free and then get the third entry for $15 Рbut there is no savings on the second game, which is still $9.99.