Wandersong to Sing its Heart Out on Nintendo Switch

The bard is one of the best, weirdest classes available.  What do you want to do in a dangerous fantasy setting?  “Ooh, sing; that’s what I want to do!”  O…. k then, support class it is with a unique mix of magic and combat abilities useful in any situation, plus you can break into song at any moment.  The bard in Wandersong doesn’t even need an instrument to be effective, and instead relies on the power of voice to help everyone he meets and save the universe along the way.  After a successful Kickstarter Wandersong has been in constant development for PC/Mac, but as of today it’s also announced to be coming on the Nintendo Switch.  The PC/Mac versions are being self-published, same as originally planned, while Humble is taking care of the Switch port.  This may or may not effect the “early 2018” release date, but that’s such an open target that we’d never know if it slipped a month.

To tide fans over during the wait, Wandersong released an eight track Dreams & Wonder EP on Bandcamp yesterday, which you can access right here.  Even better, there’s a 7″ vinyl up for pre-order, one track per side.  For reasons unknown it’s just got the standard-sized spindle hole in the middle rather than the extra-large one that made you hunt down the three-armed plastic widget that went in the center, but it’s 2017 so maybe convenience has finally won out over authenticity.  Either way, it’s a bright sunny yellow disc of happiness to perk up any vinyl collector’s library.