New Card Tiers Coming to WWE SuperCard Season 4

2K recently announced the forthcoming Season 4 of its WWE SuperCard mobile game. Along with the new game mode, Elimination Chamber, and some other overhauls, 2K has announced three new card tiers. These will be Beast, Monster, and Titan. Beasts bring to life the feeling of witnessing Finn Bálor crawling on all fours as he enters the ring and screams at the top of his lungs. As the crowd roars with him, Finn roars even louder. Monsters are terrifying. They’re unstoppable. Monsters like AJ Styles take down champions all by themselves, no matter who that champion may be. Nothing gets in their way. Lastly, Titans are almost mythic. They come around once in a generation, destroy all who oppose them and become legends. Alexa Bliss just wins, whether that be on Raw or SmackDown Live. She is a Titan. Stay tuned for more information involving Season 4 of WWE SuperCard.