Dead Cells Now Available on GOG with an Early Access Discount

Dead Cells is an outstanding rogue-lite/Metroidvania hybrid, and has been available on Steam for quite some time. Today, the game makes its debut on GOG via their Games in Development program – akin to Steam’s Early Access. The game itself is incredible and manages to not only give you a game that feels very similar to Symphony of the Night in terms of its fast speed and smooth action, but does challenge you to make it as far as possible without dying. Upgrading your weapons can be done in real-time by either buying some or killing enemies and getting them from fallen foes. The GOG offering is the first time the game has been available in a DRM-free form, and you can save $4.25 buying it early. At under $13, it’s well-worth a purchase for anyone who enjoys a good challenge and the Metroidvania gameplay style.