Multi-Genre Action Combat Twin-Stick Platformer Nelo Nails Release Date

The cybernetic utopia never seems to work out quite right.  Nelo’s people first built machines to scavenge the universe for resources, then realized that, to a badly programmed machine, people are as much a resource as anything else.  Now they’re hiding from their creation, and warriors like Nelo hold back the machines as best possible.  It’s a little late to point fingers at the robot QA department now.  Instead, Nelo destroys them as best he can using a variety of different combat skills, constantly switching up the action from one encounter to the next but never slowing down for a second.

Nelo is a game that won’t settle on a single style of play from one moment to the next, moving from third-person shooter to twin-stick and back again while also tossing in heavy melee combat for good measure.  The moves that make combat flow are also handy for platforming, and all of the gameplay modes are wrapped up in a truly impressive flexing of the Unreal engine’s graphic muscle.  After a successful Kickstarter wrapped up in early 2016 (complete with impressive demo) development got going in earnest, and the results are about to burst onto Steam by way of Early Access.  You’ll get to see Nelo in action on November 20, or check out the trailer below now to see why it’s worth keeping an eye on.