Unite the British Isles in Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Creative Assembly will be taking their fans back to medieval Britain in their newly announced game, Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia. The game will take place in 878 AD after the viking invasions of the British Isles and will likely feature the kingdoms of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales as its main factions. There will likely be a faction of Norse warlords, but the details have yet to be confirmed.

As explained by series director, Mike Simpson, Creative Assemblies appears to be trying to do something new with this game and the Total War Saga series in general.

“Our aim with Total War Sagas is to explore key flashpoints at distinct places and times in history,” he said. “Unlike our era-spanning titles, we’re putting defined geographical areas under the microscope, building super-detailed campaign maps with a strong cultural focus and flavor that players can dive into. This will complement our broader-scope titles perfectly.”

A new trailer accompanied the announcement and can be viewed below:

Total War Sagas: Thrones of Britannia will be available for PC in 2018. Fans can even visit its page on Steam and add it to their wish list right now if they want.