Version 4.0 of ARMS Brings a New Character, Misango

Just as Version 3.0 of Nintendo’s hit fighter ARMS brought us Lola Pop, Version 4.0 will also be introducing a new character (as well as a new “Party Jack” mode when it hits tomorrow on November 16. This time, we leave the streets of Italy to head towards a more Central and South American inspired setting for our latest combatant, the mysterious Misango, whom you can check out in the new trailer below.

Described as a spiritual fighter utilizing a mysterious ancient technique, as seen in the clip, Misango’s signature move is a set of mysterious masks provided by his otherworldly friend (who can also¬†create walls when guarding) that can grant different buffs via possession for a while in the areas of speed, defense, or offense. We also see the new stage and standard arms that come with him, introducing poison-based attributes to the game by way of stinging scorpions, bird skulls with venomous shots, and clumps of neon ooze that chip away at an opponent’s health. It looks like another fun brawler indeed, and we’ll see how Misango plays when he hits ARMS tomorrow.