Gear.Club Unlimited’s Launch Trailer Preempts its Release

Not too many racing games are on the Switch right now. Good thing then that Gear.Club Unlimited is racing out to fill the portable console’s need for speed and licensed vehicles. Featuring over 30 cars, 16 official manufacturers, 200 tracks, and split-screen supporting up to four players, there’s definitely value in Gear.Club Unlimited’s offer. Racing enthusiasts should be informed, however, that the game will only feature Derby and Time Trial race modes along with the option of either Asphalt or Rally type tracks. The binary options for competitions don’t necessarily mean Gear.Club is skimping on the essentials as the game does include a garage for players who like to go down the rabbit hole of car customization and upgrades.

Catch the launch trailer below. Gear.Club Unlimited is out today for Nintendo Switch, with a limited physical release through GameStop.

For more on Gear.Club Unlimited, keep an eye out for our review, rolling out soon.