Screenshot Saturday Featuring Slasher’s Keep, Fluffy Horde, Many More

The turkey has worn off and the shopping crowds are calming down a bit, so Screenshot Saturday has room to breathe.  Not a lot, because it’s always crowded with the new and unexpected, but at least it won’t get too overwhelmed by the holiday weekend and Steam-sale frenzy.  Every Saturday is an outpouring of images and videos on Twitter using the #screenshotsaturday tag, showcasing what developers have been up to during the week.  The range of talent goes from light hobbyist to seasoned pro, plus every state in between, and everyone is making things as best they can.  This feature pulls about a dozen or so from the pile (plus a bonus image for the fun of it) based on how visually entertaining they are, but there are literally hundreds more where these came from.  There’s a lot to see, and most of it’s animated in one form or another, so make sure to let the images move for best effect.

Underzone-  Side-scrolling action semi-roguelike set in the caverns beneath a decimated London.  You get to pilot the vehicle shown above, shooting down enemies that are constantly mutating and upgrading themselves as you journey deeper into the earth.  There’s a conspiracy behind the events in the world above, but the only way to uncover it is by fighting deep underground and rescuing the survivors along the way.

Dino Run 2-  The dinosaurs are back and just as much in danger as being wiped out as in the original.  The chance of death is about 100%, more or less, but if they just keep on running then maybe they can hold onto precious life just a bit longer.  The new game is aiming to have a cause/effect system in place, where if you perform an action on the way it can cause a cascade of effects, sometimes helpful and other times just fun to see.

Crest-  God-game where your followers may or may not listen to the commandments you give.  Religion is a tricky thing whether you’re god or follower, and no matter how it goes people are going to be people and hear what they want.

Unnamed-  So far it’s an island generator, and maybe there will be a game attached to it eventually.  Or maybe it will just look really cool.

The Pedestrian-  Take a walk through levels made of street signs, linking them up to build a path from start to finish.  While the world the signs are posted to looks nicely realistic, the levels art has the flat, simple, clean look.  The department of transportation in this town is strange but they do good work.

Slasher’s Keep-  First-person action-roguelike set in a prison on the far edge of the kingdom, perfect for dumping people the authorities want to forget about.  Escape is impossible, or maybe with a bit of luck only improbable.  Trying to get out beats sitting still, at the very least.  The comic-art shader gives this one a distinctive look as you thump, slash, trap, and explore your way through.

Fluffy Horde-  An excess of bunnies are overrunning the kingdom and someone’s got to keep the little furballs in line.  Playing like a combination RTS/tower defense game, you trim the endlessly-reproducing furry mob down to manageable numbers in an attempt to avoid being overwhelmed by hopping cuteness.

Felix the Reaper-  Felix is a Reaper, one of many employed by the Ministry of Death, but despite working for a bureaucracy (which is a word that will always require two to three attempts through spellcheck) and having the body of a potato he’s got the soul of a dancer.   Dance through the shadows and solve each puzzle to get a little closer to a moment with Sally from the Ministry of Life.

Shakedown: Hawaii-  Why sit around in an office when you can conduct business the old fashioned way, in person?  The CEO was old, tired, and outdated, but it’s never too late to shake off the dust and learn new things.  He was already good at deep carnage but business is so rotten and twisted that there are endless new ways to exploit the consumer.  It just takes a little free-roaming run & gun action to create new opportunities, is all.

Rot Purge-  Voxelized zombie twin-stick survival, where everything explodes into millions of bouncy particles really nicely.  While the slow-motion explosion and camera-spin are the center of attention here, the shattered glass from the truck is nicely glittery,  Plus it’s got a rain of zombie parts, which really should be old news but somehow hasn’t worn thin yet.

Carrion-  The hideous tentacled chaos-beast roaming the sewers isn’t invulnerable but it is terrifying, and you get to be the one bringing the fear.  Humans have guns, flamethrowers, and plenty of other death-dealing implements but they’re also every bit as tasty as they are fragile.

0°N 0°W-  A lonely town nestled amidst the mesas of America’s west would generally have a lot more brown in its color scheme, but this isn’t a normal place.  Walk through the dimensions and see what there is to find, exploring for the joy of discovery with no point other than to see the hidden beauty and strangeness of what should have been a quick stop in a town little more than a wide point in the road.

Unnamed-  Some type of twin-stick arena shooter done using a ZX Spectrum-style color palette.  It’s very early, to the point that this is 1/7 of available images for the game, all of which are from the last week.  So far, though, it’s got a nice variety of weapons and a good amount of enemies to use them on, which is always an excellent start.

Bonus Image

Hammer of Witches-  I’ve seen the beasts of the field.  I’ve even managed to pet one or two.  If I’d known they could do this I’d probably have been far more careful around them.