Sonic Forces Unleashes Its Best/Worst DLC Yet

If you follow the social media channels for Sonic the Hedgehog — or have even dared sit through an episode or two of Sonic Boom’s animated series — you’ll know by now that the series has become all too self-aware of the humor and jokes that seem to follow the blue blur wherever he goes and however his latest entries turn out — be it good or not as good. And while some may consider Sonic Forces’ ability to create your own original character as the ultimate demonstration of self-awareness and referencing the more avid actions of certain fans, the game’s latest free DLC just might push that endeavour even further.

Available right now to download is none other than the Sanic T-Shirt, an additional form of customisation for a player’s original character — “Yes, it’s real”, Sonic’s official Twitter feed added. If you’re not as clued up on the weird, whacky and occasionally disturbing world of internet memes, “Sanic” originally stemmed from a crudely-drawn Microsoft Paint doodle of the blue hedgehog, usually accompanied by a heavily-distorted, loud volume iteration of the theme to Green Hill Zone. Listen if you dare. Sanic has only grown in popularity and usage across the web, so in that respect perhaps it was only inevitable that Sega and the official series would make reference to it.

How much it’ll have an impact on the notion of going fast however, remains to be seen. Sonic Forces is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC.