Diddy Kong Racing Gets Its Own Electronic Tribute Album

In case you missed it, last Friday saw the 20th anniversary of Diddy Kong Racing — Rare’s 1997 equivalent to Nintendo’s own N64, kart racer in Mario Kart 64 that on top of providing a fun and enjoyable racing game, also unknowingly saw the debut of two of Rare’s other characters — a la Conker & Banjo — who would of course go on to star in their own 3D platformers for the console thereafter. And given its vibrant, varied design, not to mention the fact that you could control both hovercraft and plane on top of the standard car for your select vehicle, there’s a decent debate to be had on which of the two games came out on top at the time.

But some may remember it, above all else, for its soundtrack which was composed by former Rare member David Wise and to commemorate the anniversary, Seattle-based music label Materia Collective, have just put out their own tribute compilation album which sees the soundtrack to the game — through its world and boss themes especially — remixed and reimagined in electronic form. The twenty track-strong album, Future Dance Land: An Electronic Tribute to Diddy Kong Racing, is available now to check out right here and at the very least makes a change from seeing those numerous tribute albums to other notable Nintendo IP’s such as Zelda and Metroid (not that there’s anything wrong with that).