Crawl Aiming to Give Switch Some Bloody Charm This December

Oh you thought with December looming on the horizon, we’d be in the winding-down phase of the year, eh? Think again as it seems the Nintendo Switch remains on course at getting its hands on some intriguing indie titles as we begin to close in on the end of 2017. Developer Powerhoof have already unleashed their pixellated yet ritual-fuelled, hyper-bloody dungeon-crawler, aptly named Crawl, across PS4, Xbox One & PC but it would seem Nintendo’s hybrid-console is getting a dose of the local multiplayer title wherein one player, the hero, aims to get as far into the dungeon as possible while the remaining three players take control of monsters and lay cunning traps in order to kill their lone opponent.

Whoever manages to kill the hero — which can be in the form of numerous monsters, traps, even the dungeon’s final boss should they get that far — takes that role in the next round and it’s up to the four competing individuals to rack up as much XP between themselves, as possible in order to win. Crawl will be available for Switch on December 19. If you need a more visually-arresting and, dare we say, bold and entertaining video to sell the game, check out the original launch trailer below.