Detroit: Become Human is Quantic Dream’s ‘Most Advanced Title Ever Produced’

The upcoming Detroit: Become Human is set to be the “most advanced title ever produced” by Quantic Dream.

That’s according to Detroit writer and director David Cage, who wrote an exclusive piece for the PlayStation Blog about the evolution of the French studio’s gaming engines.

Cage, who is the founder and studio head of Quantic Dream, explained that the new engine for Detroit would allow the studio to improve on its title in several aspects.

“We invested a lot of time in having optics that are physically correct,” Cage wrote. “Virtual cameras have no limitations and so can emulate optics that cannot exist, sometimes resulting in visuals that are not very convincing to the human eye.

“For Detroit, we worked on making sure to use rules that are commonly accepted by our audience. This little change had a massive impact on the visual quality of the game. We added many new features, from bokeh, advanced lens flares, improved lighting, real-time motion blur, volumetric lights, higher resolution on PS4 Pro and many others.”

Quantic Dream’s engines were not the only talking point for Cage. The Heavy Rain director also appeared in a new video that revisited Quantic Dream’s 2012 tech demo and inspiration for Detroit, Kara.

Called “Revisiting Kara,” Cage rewatches the tech demo and reveals how it changed the studio’s methods for performance capture.

“So, all these things with robotic arms that you see moving around [in Kara] was another major challenge we had,” Cage said. “My god, it was really something difficult because, actually, we wanted the actress [Valorie Curry] to be aware of the presence of these robotic arms and [to] know where they were and be able to look at them and maybe push them back at some point as we will see.

“So, basically, we had like three people on set faking the arms and with this very precise choreography just making sure that they were moving the right way at the right moment, so she could react and push them back and look at them at the right moment in the right timing. So this is all perfectly choreographed and it was [a] real nightmare to make and I think the people who did it still remember it today.”

Earlier this month, Quantic Dream returned to Paris Games Week, which is where Detroit was first unveiled in 2015, for Sony’s media briefing and showcased a new trailer that featured Kara.

Valorie Curry, who played Kara in the tech demo, will reprise her role for Detroit.

Cage has previously said that Detroit had a “complex script,” while also saying that the title will “be about eight to ten hours long.”

Quantic Dream has also revealed plans for Detroit to be localized in Arabic.

Detroit is scheduled for release exclusively on PlayStation 4 in 2018.