Marvel Heroes Omega Servers to Shutdown Immediately

Gazillion Entertainment has revealed that, as a result of their closure, Marvel Heroes Omega’s servers will be shutting down earlier than expected.

Marvel Heroes Omega players knew that the game was going to be shut down, but they didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Developer Gazillion Entertainment, whom Marvel parted ways with , previously announced that the game would remain playable until December 31. Unfortunately, those plans had to be scrapped.

Taking to Twitter, the team confirmed that the studio had been closed. As a result, support for the game has ended and the servers will be shut down:

Marvel Heroes Omega launched earlier this year on PS4 and Xbox One, meaning it didn’t even last a year before Marvel pulled the plug. In the game, players could collect and control various heroes throughout the Marvel universe. No reason was given for Marvel’s ending of the relationship.

We wish the members of Gazillion Entertainment all the best in their future endeavors!