The Elder Scrolls Online Gears Up for Dungeon Event

Over on the Bethesda Elder Scrolls Online blog, today it was announced that the #10MillionStories in-game dungeon event starts Novemeber 30, 10AM EST and lasts through December 6, 10AM EST, the event is open to everyone who plays ESO.

Participating as easy, all one has to do is complete a random dungeon via the Dungeon Finder for either Normal or Veteran, earning a Mysterious Reward Box upon completion. Only one Mysterious Reward Box will be available to earn per day. These reward boxes contain rewards, like Dye Stamps, Crown Repair Kits or Crown Mimic Stones. They also contain rarer items, from Treasure Maps, Transmute Crystals and Crown Experience Scrolls — sometimes, rarely, a Costume, Pet or Mount from a curated selection of all Crown Store collectibles.

For those who are really lucky, the chance to receive a pack of 20 homes or 20 mounts is the ultimate jackpot. These will include some of the most rare and valuable items, like the Grand Topal Hideaway home or Great Elk mount.

It doesn’t stop there, players will also have the incentive to log in everyday for completion of a dungeon, earning a bonus entry into the #10MillionStoires Sweepstakes (maximum of seven bonus entries in total). For the full rundown head over to the Bethesda blog.