Knights of Valour Hops on PlayStation 4

Using more Eastern fantasy as a backdrop, the flashy, side-scrolling beat’em up Knights of Valour is out now via the PlayStation Network. Based on an arcade franchise of the same name, Knights of Valour allows players the choice of one of seven different playable characters — each with unique play-styles and traits — to battle the onslaught of deadly foes. There’s character building here as well, with equipment pick-ups, new skills each character can learn, and custom combos. The variety stands well with the online co-op, giving way for potentially a high amount of variation in play-styles for any given game. The context for the violence is simple here: beat the Yan Emperor’s goons and stop an evil older than anyone you know from laying siege to the world.

See the launch trailer for the game below. Knight of Valour is out now for PlayStation 4, for free.