Tiny Metal Brings Advance Wars-Style Thrills to PC, PS4, and Switch on December 21

Nintendo’s legendary Wars series has been providing tactical combat fans with plenty of excitement since the Famicom days. The Advance Wars games saw it reach its greatest heights in terms of popularity, while full-fledged console entries haven’t been seen since the Battalion Wars games on Wii. With so much time passing, it has led to people taking matters into their own hands. Enter Tiny Metal – an homage to those games ironically coming from Sony’s own UNITIES sub-label. Now, you can get a taste of unit-on-unit action on not only PC, but also on the PS4 or anywhere you want via the Switch version. The game features a campaign where you command your units to face the evil nation of Zipang. The core combat is the same setup as the Advance Wars game – only now, you have online play to work with. 15 unit type sare available, and they’ll all gain experience as you engage in more battles.