Post Human W.A.R Leaves Early Access This Month

The turn-based Early Access strategy game Post Human W.A.R. is about finding the enemy secret champion and murdering him. The whole post-human thing is emphasized by mutant animals, robots, and more, battling for the fate of a post-human remnant world. There are solo campaigns here of course, as well as online. Each campaign is relevant to a specific faction — mutated animals, intelligently evolved apes, and some household items converted into killing machines. There’s no random numbers here, it’s all pure strategy, which some may find quite refreshing in this day and age. The way to victory is to kill the aforementioned secret champion. But they’re hidden, so making the opponent mess up is a big part of the tactical environment this time around.

See a trailer for the game below. Post Human W.A.R is getting a full release on December 14.