PolyGod Getting Ready to Depart Early Access With Deicidal Trailer

Old, malignant gods are a problem, but one with a solution in the form of Faceless the Blessed.  Faceless (his friends call him Face, B. A. Baracus calls him Fool) has taken on the Trial of the Gods in a quest to defeat the minions and champions of rogue deities, trading their souls for upgrades to get powerful enough to take down the supreme being in each world.  Purchased upgrades stack and combine to change your weapon in a huge number of ways, some far more useful than others, and each run sees the gun evolve into a new form.  PolyGod is a low-poly fast-paced action roguelike FPS, and its time in Early Access is just about done with today’s announcement of an “early 2018” release.  The end of Early Access also means it’s time to start talking consoles, and both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will be getting some deicidal action.  Check out the trailer below to see PolyGod in action, tearing through minions on the way to taking down gods.